I really enjoyed my experience taking Earth Science 11. The course content was very informative and I learned a lot. Moodle and Google Docs were easy to navigate. Whenever I had a question or a concern, the support from my instructor was fast and very helpful.


Earth Science 11 - Mal

There is a good amount of instructor support and continuous help. The Google docs works great for the biology course and I think Moodle is a great website for the courses.

Biology 12 - Farai

The teacher was very helpful and super nice. Whenever I emailed them they always reply within the hour most of the time. It was my first time doing an online course - it was a great experience!


Pre-Calculus 12 - Heidi


Not a HUGE fan of chemistry, however I found this course more interesting then I thought I would. Enjoyed Google Docs. Instructor support was phenomenal - he answered emails very quickly and throughly explained topics that I needed help with, marked efficiently - explained why I received the mark that I received,  and made sure to be available for my questions.


Chemistry 11 - Tanis

I really liked the virtual classrooms especially for biology. Biology 12 was a tricky course but with the one on one time through the virtual classes online it made the course a lot easier to get through. I also really liked the feedback from my teacher almost immediately when I had a question or even getting my marked assignments back to me. It made me progress in the course at a good steady pace as I wasnt constantly waiting for marked work so that I could move on to the next section. Overall I really enjoyed learning the content of this course and although it was tricky at some parts the learning material was put simply to make it easier to understand.


Biology 12 Melissa

It was nice to be able to work at my own pace and at whatever time was most convenient for me. My job was what made me unable to go in to a learning center to take tests, so YouLearn provided courses for me that were flexible with my job.  My instructor was very helpful and always responds to emails right away!  It was a great learning experience and I'm very happy with how much I learned and the mark I got in the course.


Pre-Calc 12 - Jocelyn

Biology 12 online was a great experience for me :).. I really liked how it was self paced and having everything on moodle made it that much easier. This program is set up very nicely. I loved it!!!!!


Biology 12 - Sharn


*Availability of teacher support

*Well written course notes (easy and a pleasure to read)

*Appropriate work volume (Not too much, not too little)

*So much wonderful information!

*A very enthusiastic aura-not sure how to describe it-just a clean cut bright engaging enthusiastically designed course-the one you look forward to at the end of every day and work on in your free time :)

*And the availability of extra resources


Biology 12 - Cameron

Divided up very well, great organization, supportive teacher, very relevant course content which was shown in an interactive manner, fair testing and marking.

Definitely a very qualified teacher - he helps out with questions, answers email on weekends, holidays, basically anytime, and is easy to communicate with.


Biology 12 - Shaswat

I am finding the contents of the course interesting, the teacher gets back to you in short amount of time, easy to send in assignments


Chemistry 11 - Colin


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